Spice Of Life

At a restaurant with a name like Masala one envisions all kinds of culinary crossovers, but at this Boksburg fine dining establishment the only resemblance to crossovers is the blending of different spices to create subtle flavours in all our superb dishes.

The word masala comes from an over 5000 year old Himalayan word, which means spice. Masala (spices) are the most basic and fundamental ingredients of Indian food.

Best Indian Breads

Bread That Makes Friends

Beautiful Curry's

To Spice Up Your Life

Masala's Biryani

The Traditional Way

Dilicious Desserts

The Only Way To End A Meal

This eatery offers a delicious and exquisite menu designed by world class chefs and will please the most discerning taste-buds. A hybrid of traditional classics with modern twists can be found on Masala's array of dishes, only the appetising and the finest quality ingredients are chosen for Masala's guests. This excellent cuisine boasts a superb wine menu for even the most discerning palate.

We choose this word to be our restaurant name because it is that we being an authentic Indian restaurant and use a lot of spices so we thought it would be a sound idea to name the restaurant what we would use. This came out to be Masala Spices not only just excite your taste-buds but also composed of impressive list of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that is essential for our wellness. Spices have always been a part of our food since centuries and now become integrated part of our life.